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4.24.2020 – The Star – Nova Scotia Shooter

Via The Star…

As the RCMP dig into the psyche of the man who killed 22 people in Nova Scotia last weekend, a former FBI profiler who worked on such notable cases as the unabomber and the D.C. sniper says he expects investigators will likely find that the shooter was a dangerous “grievance collector.”

James R. Fitzgerald says serious mental health issues — or perhaps some recent “trauma” such as a failed business — could be part of what caused a 51-year-old Nova Scotia man to become a “monster” who went on a shooting rampage. But the reasons why are likely more complex.

Fitzgerald stressed he wants to be careful about diagnosing the killer from a distance because he isn’t working on the case and said his knowledge of it stems from what he’s read in media. But what he’s read has left him with some clear impressions.

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