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Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds is a long-running American television crime drama broadcast on the CBS network. Created by writer and producer Jeff Davis and originally airing on September 22, 2005, it has amassed a large following. Millions of fans tune in to watch the fictional Behavioral Analysis Unit of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) investigate and solve crimes.

Though this is a fictional show, the unit is based on the real version in Quantico, Virginia, created by John E. Douglas, one of the first criminal profilers of the FBI. Both the show’s former and current main characters, Jason Gideon and David Rossi, are based on Douglas and his life. These and other characters typically quote famous philosophers and the quotations reveal the plot of the episodes and tie together portions of the case.

What attracts so many people to Criminal Minds is its unique format. Unlike other procedural dramas, it focuses on the criminals and victims rather than the main characters portrayed by Thomas Gibson, Shemar Moore, A. J. Cook, Mandy Patinkin, and others. By profiling the criminal, the show takes viewers on all the twists and turns involved in a crime. Even the best amateur sleuth is usually taken by surprise.

To keep things authentic, the show’s creators rely upon technical advisors. One of these individuals, James R. Fitzgerald, spent years working for the FBI including serving as a criminal profiler. Fitzgerald worked on many high-profile cases including the Unabomber, Jon Benet Ramsey, the D.C. Snipers, and Danny Pearl. He is the only FBI profiler to become a court-certified forensic linguist, a skill that helped to solve some of the nation’s most horrific crimes. Mr. Fitzgerald has served as the technical consultant for over 50 Criminal Minds episodes.

Criminal Minds is now syndicated on four television networks and airs all over the world. It is one of the highest-ranking shows in terms of DVR playback and the most recent season was ranked 13 in terms of average total viewers per episode. Excellent acting and real-life scenarios captivate viewers and keep them returning season after season to see what will happen next.

Now entering its tenth season, Criminal Minds seems to have mastered the formula for a successful crime drama. After more than 200 episodes, viewers are still captivated by the surprising plot twists and criminal motivations. Characters may come and go but the crimes never end. This show reveals just how difficult it is to understand and thwart the most dangerous criminal minds.

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