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Bonus Chapter 46A – Professor Fitzgerald

Sgt. Fitzgerald takes a shot at teaching his first class.

Just a peek…

The MCCC was one of the Pennsylvania community colleges which offered this new program. Learning that, I wanted to look into becoming one of the instructors there. After all, I had a B.S. in Law Enforcement and Corrections, I was almost three-quarters done my M.S. in Human Organizational Science, I’m a Penn State University POSIT-POLEX graduate, and on top of all that an eight-year veteran police officer/supervisor in the fifteenth largest law enforcement agency in the state. With these credentials already under my belt, I thought I would be a pretty good candidate for an instructor’s position at the MCCC’s new twelve-week civilian “police academy” training program.

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Bonus Chapter 46A – Sgt. Fitz Becomes a Professor by STBW on Scribd

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