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10.12.2020 – Australian Story – To Catch a Stalker Part 1

Via ABC News In-depth YouTube Channel…

Di McDonald broke up with her short term boyfriend … he ended up stalking her for three years.

In 2014 Di was recently divorced and dating was the last thing on her mind. But a chance encounter with a customer at the store where she worked changed her life.

When she ended her brief relationship with boyfriend, Max Gardiner, he retaliated by embarking on a relentless three-year stalking campaign.

This exclusive two-part investigation highlights the difficulties women face in having stalking cases taken seriously by police and explains in forensic detail how Max Gardiner managed to act unapprehended for so long.

Part 2 goes live October 19, 2020 (Fitz is featured in Part 2, so stay tuned).

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