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ICYMI: 9.7.2018 – Fitz Profiles ‘Anonymous’ on Fox News… and Nails It

In September of 2018, an anonymous author penned an op-ed in the New York Times as well as eventually penning a book as “Anonymous.”

After the op-ed was published, Fitz appeared on Fox News with Harris Faulkner, correctly identifying several major characteristics regarding the possible identity of the author.

The two most glaring mentions by Fitz were that this was a low-level employee as well as the individual overvaluing his or her position by including him or herself as an appointee when, in fact, this individual was probably just a regular hire grouping him or herself in that hierarchy of the administration.

The full interview is below…

You can also see the original story as it appeared on Fox News in September 2018, click here.

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