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Newsweek 1.22.2023: 25th Anniversary of Unabomber Sentencing

Via Newsweek

“It’s hard to believe that a whole quarter of a century has gone by since Ted Kaczynski, otherwise known as the Unabomber, pleaded guilty to all federal charges against him.

“When I joined the FBI’s UNABOM Task Force (UTF) in July 1995, about a year after it was formed, it had been an active case for 17 years. The Unabomber had sent 16 bombs, mostly to universities and airlines, and three people had been killed. He had gone dark in 1987, and didn’t offend for about six years, but in 1993 he came back with a vengeance, which was why the UTF was formed.

To read the full article on Newsweek, click here.

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