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Q&A with

Fun Q&A session with on the early days of my career.

Here is a quick excerpt from the Interview:

Q: Do you recall your first arrest or your first court testimony?

Fitzgerald: It wasn’t my first actual arrest, but maybe after my fourth or fifth, I had to go to court for a case involving a “beat” who had stolen an expensive three-piece suit from my store.  The hearing was in City Hall in downtown Philadelphia.  It was quite intimidating too.  Even though I was a college grad with a degree in criminal justice, it didn’t prepare me very well for my first-ever courtroom experience.  And my training, or lack thereof, at the store’s security department didn’t help me at all either.  I spend a full chapter in the book recounting that particular story, the difficulties I experienced that day, but then how it made me a better store detective and law enforcement professional afterwards. 

To see the full interview, click here.

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