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On August 10, 2017 and January 5, 2018, my role in the Unabomber case as well as the Discovery series based on these actual events were harshly criticized by Greg Stejskal on an independent website/opinion blog called Mr. Stejskal had quite a bit to say, so I decided it was time for readers to hear both sides of the story. More importantly, the accurate side of the story.

From James’ article…

…when I read in Stejskal’s second article the repeated and demonstrably erroneous accounts of the Real Fitz’s/my role, or alleged non-role, while assigned to the Unabom Task Force (UTF) in ’95 and ’96, despite my well-documented contributions to the eventual identification, arrest, and successful prosecution of Kaczynski, I knew it was time to respond to Stejskal and his repeated “fake news,” certainly as it pertained to me.

To see the full response from James regarding the columns by Greg Stejskal, click here.

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