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2.1.2024: Mind Over Murder Discussing Alan Wade Wilmer Sr Part 1

Via Mind Over Murder…

“With a confirmed serial killer, Alan Wade Wilmer, Sr. being named in the Colonial Parkway Murders in Virginia, “Mind Over Murder” co-hosts Bill Thomas and Kristin Dilley discuss the how Alan Wade Wilmer Sr. would be profiled with former FBI Profilers James Fitzgerald and Dr. Raymond Carr. This is Part 1 of 2 parts with Fitz and Ray.

“Alan Wade Wilmer Sr. has been named as the killer of Robin Edwards and David Knobling in the Colonial Parkway Murders in September 1987, as well as the murderer of Teresa Howell in June 1989. He has also been linked to the April 1988 disappearance and likely murder of Keith Call and Cassandra Hailey, another pair in the Colonial Parkway Murders. We also tell you how you can get involved and pass along tips about Alan Wade Wilmer, Sr. to the Virginia State Police and the FBI.”

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