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3.30.2020 – Mind Over Murder Podcast with Bill Thomas and Kristin Dilley

The podcast below was a two-part series with James R. Fitzgerald appearing with Bill Thomas and Kristin Dilley on “Mind Over Murder.” The backstory of Bill Thomas is both sad and fascinating. Via the MoM website, Thomas is a music and entertainment executive who is, sadly, also the brother of a murder victim. His sister Cathy Thomas along with her girlfriend Rebecca Dowski were the first two victims in the Colonial Parkway Murders, which claimed the lives of eight people in and around Williamsburg from 1986 to 1989. Dilley is a researcher, writer, and teacher from Williamsburg, VA.

This interview primarily discusses Journey to the Center of the Mind Book III but it also covers and the odd case of a woman who thought her dad was a serial killer that took some rather unique twist and turns before it was all over.


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