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5.21.2021 – Intuitionology – He ‘Sold’ Forensic Linguistics to His Superiors Which Caught the Unabomber

In one of Fitz’s final interviews discussing the Unabomber case, he sits down with Sunil Godse from Intuitionology.

Via Intuitionology…

“It took the FBI 17 years to catch the Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski, who killed 3 people and injured so many others.

“But it was the intuition of James R. Fitzgerald, who used a relatively new tool called Forensic Linguistics to determine that a 35,000-word manifesto printed in a major newspaper eventually led to the arrest of Ted Kaczynski.

“To this day, because of the intuition of James R. Fitzgerald, his use of Forensic Linguistics is widely used as a method in decoding written statements and eventually identifying who the suspects are.”

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