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The Fitz Files – Manhunt: Unabomber Episode 7 – ‘Lincoln’

Episode Seven of the series was directed by Greg Yaitanes and the teleplay was written by Nick Schenk.

T and U Documents Used to Analyze Ted K Against Unabomber Documents
T and U Documents Used to Analyze Ted K Against Unabomber Documents

(You can see the full analysis of these documents, Unabom_T2_23pg_TJKdoc_04.09.2021 and Unabom_Comparative_Analysis_Language_Chart_Affidavit_04.07.2021.)

Per IMDb, “The FBI goes deep undercover to stake out Ted Kaczynski’s cabin.

IED robot before entering cabin
IED Robot About to Enter Ted’s Cabin
Fitz Outside Ted’s Real Cabin

“Time is running out before news breaks in the press and all it takes is one wrong move for the Unabomber to disappear.”

Ted Handprint
Ted Hours After His Arrest

You can see the full script from Episode 7, Manifesto 107 – White Production Draft – 120616.

David Kaczynski Letter to UTF

The guest for this episode of The Fitz Files is Jenny McGee, one of our Australian fans who will read the answers to questions Australian Sam Worthington, who played Fitz in the series, gave to fix to dial in the character.

Task Force Comparative Analysis Team

Sam has an impressive acting resume, having worked in “Hacksaw Ridge,” “Drift,” “Texas Killing Fields,” Clash of the Titans,” and “Avatar,” just to name a few of his movies.

Unabom TF Shirt Logo

Sam has been nominated for 17 awards so far in his career, having taken home the hardware six times, including Best Actor (twice) from the Australian Film Institute for both “Avatar” and “Somersault.”

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